Do You Want To Wholesale Magic Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are quickly becoming the new superfood and preferred dietary supplement of health conscious consumers.  Although Functional fungi like Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga mushrooms can be found online, Medicinal Mushrooms are new to market and highly sought after by a growing Microdose community.  At Psilo Mart, we help you supply your customers with high-quality, lab-tested Mushroom products in bulk wholesale and pre-packaged retail ready quantities.  Our Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms are some of the first lab-tested products containing the legal psychedelic compound Muscimol, to hit the market.  We’re dedicated to helping wholesalers and resellers like you get your customers the shrooms they need to take care of their general wellness or medical concerns.

About Our Bulk Mushroom Products

Our Mushroom products are sourced from organic certified farms and foragers with an eye for high quality spores.  All of our supply grows on an industrial scale, so rest assured your bulk mushroom wholesale needs can be met.  We offer bulk magic mushroom spores to approved wholesale accounts in a variety of forms like extract powder and whole mushroom caps.  In addition, Psilo Mart has some of the best bulk wholesale pricing online for large quantities of gummies and capsules.  Our bulk mushroom products are ideal for all wholesalers, resellers and white label services that need the best pricing on quantities ranging from 1 – 5,000 units.  Psilo Mart offers some of the most flexible pricing in the Alternative Products Industry, giving customers the ability to Mix & Match between different products and SKUs.  This means you get the highest price discount because you aren’t stuck buying each product individually, you can combine across different types.  Bulk Wholesale customers also have access to our complete library of full panel COAs, compliance packet, QR codes and labels.  We offer custom Lab tests and free labels upon request.

About Our Packaged Wholesale Products

Lab Tested Microdose Capsules, Gummies, Powder, Shrooms & Smokes

Psilo Mart offer a complete line of products in a variety of applications and method of consumption. Our Microdose line of 350 mg capsules and raw powder are great for all types of users who like a formulated dose for medical purposes. Our Boom Boyz line of Grade A Mushroom Caps is a twist on consuming regular mushrooms with an added coating of our house blend of muscimol powder and umami seasoning. More varieties of gummies, capsules and dust are also available under our Magic Mushrooms line of legal psychedelic products. Lastly, our Shiitake Shroomz Snacks and Spores Shots Energy Drink Mix are retail ready mushroom products that should fly off the shelves of your wellness center, dispensary, smoke shop, gas station or convenience store.

About Our Wholesale Mushroom Spores Team

We want to give our customers products they can trust, which is why we're a licensed wholesale Mushroom company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to Psilo Mart, our owners were the founders of CBD Hemp Direct & Wholesale CBD Flower prior to selling the business in February 2022.  Wholesalers should be able to tell their customers with confidence that their mushroom products are coming from a good source and are lab tested.

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