Magic Mushroom Spores

Spore Kits For Growing Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom Spores Syringe

Choose from 4 Popular Psilocybin Fungi Species And Grow Shrooms Like A Boss On Your Own.


Wholesale Shops & Retail Stores

Spores Syringe Display Box

Retail Ready Magic Mushroom Spores Display Boxes Contain 20 Syringes In A Variety Of Popular Magic Mushroom Species.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Are These Legal?

Buying Psilocybe Cubensis In Their Spores Form Is Legal In US And Canada If The Intention Is For Research And Identification Purposes Only.

How Do I Use This?

We Don't Provide Any Mycology Tips Or Cultivation Information, However There Is An Abundance Of Resources And Mushroom Communities Accessible Online.

Can I Consume This?

This Product Is Not Intended For Human Consumption And Should Not Be Consumed For Any Reason.

Can I Get A Refund Because My Grow Failed?

All Sales Are Final. We Have Partnered With Spores MD To Provide Mushroom Syringes To Customers So Defective Product Refunds Are Not An Option.

Are You Eventually Going To Sell Amanita Muscaria Spores?

NO, Amanita Muscaria And Other Amanita Species Grow In The Wild, So No Cultivation Has Been Commercialized.

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