A Statement Regarding Test Results

Since Its Inception, Psilo Mart has always been committed to testing its Amanita Mushroom products for potency and purity. We're starting to see and hear a lot about fraudulent COAs, which is disappointing but not surprising in any emerging market. Below is the chain of custody on our COAs. Although COAs expire in 1 year, we are committed to getting new COAs every 6 months, so 2023 test results should be released soon.

Flora Research Work Order

6/8/2022 - First step is receiving the work order and estimate. We initially collaborated with All Things Amanita (Michael Wilson) to share costs on the Test Results. Our owner was added on the account and included in the email as info@trimready.com

Flora Research Invoice Paid

6/13/2022 - Invoice paid and samples were sent out for potency and heavy metals testing on Amanita Muscaria dried mushrooms, liquid extracts and a 2 FL OZ Tincture.

Initial Heavy Metals Testing

6/15/2022 - First part of Heavy Metals testing on some of the finished products. Analytical reports were attached in the email.

Potency Reports & Unit Calculator

6/21/2022 - Potency Reports and Heavy Metals Analysis were sent. The folks at Flora also included a unit calculator and conversion letter to make it easier for us to convert from microgram (ug/g) to mg.

In Closing

We felt this was necessary to clear up any false allegations not just for our company but also our customers. At Psilo Mart, we utilize our time ensuring customer safety and satisfaction as opposed to spending all day on Reddit.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Test Results, please dont hesitate to reach out.

Stay Strong Amanita FAM!

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